Fonderia Artigiana is ISO 9001:2008 certified since 1998 and therefore pays particular attention not only to the quality of the "cast" but also to the hygiene and tidiness of our departments and production equipment.

A "non-destructive" quality control of our products is carried out within a latest-generation high-definition x-ray machine located in our headquarters. Our laboratory is equipped with instruments to check the items dimensionally, to verify the alloy density as well as with a spectrometer for chemical analysis of the incoming metal. Mechanical resistance tests, where needed by the customer, are carried out in a specialised laboratory with which we have established a solid and trustworthy professional partnership.

Our work is carried out respecting production and delivery times. High precision standards are a must when working on commissions for prestigious brands, therefore our attention is particularly given to delivery dates, as well as on guaranteeing traceability during the entire production process.