Production Process

The production plant is completely automatic and includes:

  • 2x 3-tonne melting furnaces with built-in degassificator option
  • 3x 2-tonne standby furnaces with built-in degassificator
  • 2x automatic melting islands that can be used with any type of shell of melting tool
  • 1x FDU station

The cutting area included 5 machines and the finishing area includes 2 cluster shot blasting and 1 belt shot blasting machines.

Video of our production cycle

The foundries also have a completely automatic island for burring, cleaning, glazing and polishing interlocked with 4 Kawasaki robots, automatic tool exchange and video camera to view the items, a unique combination in Italy.
After cutting and burring, if the item needs to be heated, it is sent to an external partner that will put the items through the necessary process under our constant supervision, to give them the required mechanical features.