Fonderia l’Artigiana was founded in 1978 and over the years created an avant-guard facility in the field of gravity cast light alloys. So, from the first casts made aimed to the sanding machines and taps sectors, we moved onto more complex production, both for type and volume of items manufactured.

Since 1982, Fonderia l’Artigiana mainly served the automotive and motorcycle sector through Paioli S.p.A., supplying products to prestigious brands like Aprilia, Malaguti, MBK, Yamaha, Benelli, Betamotor, K.T.M.. For nearly 20 years, Fonderia l’Artigiana developed and specialised mainly in this sector, contributing significantly to the improvement of the products and to the optimisation of the manufacturing and delivery processes.

In 2006 we started working with Tenneco-Marzocchi, a brand that specialises in professional motorcycle forks, a field the company has been a leader of for over 50 years worldwide. This important partnership allowed the technology and production processes to evolve and become of excellent quality, so much so that the service has been extended to more internationally renowned brands such as BMW and DUCATI.

After a vertical growth of the production in terms of quality and quantity, we could not do without a further jump forward and use part of the plant to produce chassis parts, for which BMW counts on our consolidated know-how.

Fonderia l’Artigiana diversified its production and despite the car/motorbike sector is our business' pride, we are also working on the gym equipment field, where we currently supply our products to the prestigious Technogym known all over the world for its brand leadership in the fitness sector. Our strength, what makes us competitive globally is definitely the ability to be organised for large quantities, combining the strength of efficiency to our know how in the sector of quality founding and in the development of accurate finishings.

Sesto Peri